A little “live” update

As many of you already know I have recently started to work in ableton live. After using reason for about 8 years I must confess that I’m a bit rusty on other music softwares.

But the transformation is going more quickly than I thought.
I am really impressed with ableton live. I use the version 8 Suite and the quality of the effects that comes “out of the box” is just amazing. Yes I am amazed, but mostly of that I have produced music for 10 years now and have been to lazy to test another music production software. Im really glad that I did, because if I had not done it I would not have had the fortune to discover the big cool exiting new world of VSTi.

So why this switch you can ask? One of Reasons big minus is the lack of VST support. On the other hand one of the big points of Reason is that you have a all around package with all the nessesary things you need to produce music “out of the box”. I mean, I have managed to do what I have done in 8 years with reason. So I feel both excited and ashamed at the same time for turning my back on reason. But i feel a bigger quality confidence in Ableton Live.

So now I’m trying to get my hands on all the great VSTi´s out there and will hopefully have a new production ready at the end of this month.

Im also currently trying to write my own lyrics. Thought it´s about time I get more personal with my music. So there are many new things happening music-wise right now. I will try to record some new vocal material with Johanna Nordström as soon as I get the time.

That is all for now.