Hi fellow producers and fans!

Thoght that is was time for a “bigger” update on things to come as of the absence that I have shown on this page the last few months. I have been moving back home to Stockholm from Umeå witch have taken alot of time and energy for me, and therefore the lack of posts here :)

Its so nice to see the great progress for one of my latest collaboration tracks “Stomp”, Already featured in various big radio casts and shows. It has been a pleasure to work with these really talented producers, Mark and Jan-Erik for the “Foreign Force” project and the other projects we have as well.

We have a new collaboration track under production that is turning out really well and is soon to be finished and released. I don’t have any release date for you guys yet but it will soon to come.

I also have a lot of solo projects at the time, I am really exited about one of the in particular. Its a trancy track that I’m working on with the really talented vocalist Johanna Norström. This is my first track to work with real vocals, so I’m really psyched about it.

So that is all for now!