On a personal note

Spring 2011 update!

Spring time is one of the best, if not THE best season to collect inspiration for me personally.
Found this “off-the-charts” deep, melodic, progressive track I started working on in 2010 but never finished for some reason… Will try to bring my unique 2011 electro progressive sound to it! Stay tunes for this one, and do me a favor and get your ass out in the spring sun and catch a sweet ice-cream in your paw, because I will stay in the studio and cook this huge track 4 U!

But if you are a lame-ass studio or music junkie like me. Continue to read ahead…

I got my first releases this year in the pipe-line. One of them is a EP containing two tracks ‘Sallow Shores’ and ‘I Feel’ with a banging remix from Moein. You can read all about it in the previous post BELOW. Im really exited to release, because it got signed with one of my fauvorite labels – Alter Ego Records. In fact it will be released on their sub-label “INOV8″, but it is a Alter Ego release non the less.

The other one is a proper release of my track ‘Panther’. Got signed with Moonland Music, a newly started up and coming label that seems to be promiseing.

During the winter season I have bin focusing more on my DJing. Alot of gigs have taken up the most of my free time. But as allways more time with you gys on the floor gives me more inspiration for my up and coming productions.

Im currently working on remixes that I have to finish up before I can really digg my hands into the new original tracks I have in the “pipe-line”. Lots of bla-bla-bla but I hope you enjoyed reading my spring update!

Take care and stay tuned!