Spring update!

Hi friends!

Thought it was about time to let you know what is happening music wise right now and my plans and thoughts for the banging year of 2010.

I started this year by pushing out a nifty track called ‘Panther’. I wanted to create a track with some unique and creative elements. When the track was finished I thought it needed something extra, the percussion in the track reminded me of the wild jungle, so there for I thought it could be cool to add some Panther roars into it.  So there we got panther.

The second track Ive produced this year is a epic piano / strings track made for opening your set with. The background of this track is when I re-discovered Metallica’s epic track ‘Nothing Else Matters’ on YouTube one night, and I realized; this is what music should be all about. So I went to my studio and composed this very deep and anthem-like melody, in fact it turned out to be the greatest melody Ive ever made to date.

Then I thought to myself; how can I make 2010 special?

This is where I realized, I have never made a album! So the biggest challenge for this year is to produce a Sande debut album. In the writing moment I have 2 tracks made and 3 under construction, so it looks promising that I will manage to compile a debut album this year! I will need to come up with a cool album name… lots to do this year! Ha ha…

Hope that you all have had a good start to this year and you and your loved once are having the time of your life’s!

Let´s get this summer STARTED ;)